Chiropractic Testimonials

"My first visit with Dr. Joel Stevens, I was amazed that I had immediate relief from excruciating pain in my leg. It truly seemed like a miracle. Fortunate for me, I have not needed to see a chiropractor on a regular basis. I have full confidence in Dr. Stevens to fix my problems. He is personable and I felt comfortable the first meeting."

- J. J.

"I like to thank Dr. Stevens for all the back help he has given me. Chiropractic help is something everyone should do. Dr. Joel and Nancy are not only chiropractic help, but are good friends also."

- Keith B.

"My neck feels 100% better!!! Recommend for anyone having any kind of muscle problems, or aches and pains."

- J. S.

"What a wonderful find! Dr. Joel is personable and caring, making you feel at ease from the start. He explained things clearly and really goes out of his way to care for his patients. I’m truly grateful to find Chiro-Health!"

- Angela B.

"I have gone to different chiropractors, and I find Dr. Joel to be the best for me. I trust him and he helps me when others could not."

- Marian M.

"Going to Dr. Stevens was the best choice I made. My regular M.D. didn’t help. I still had bad lower back pain. With the help of chiropractic care, my headaches are less, my back feels a lot better."

- Melissa B.

"I am a new patient of Dr. Joel’s – I was very apprehensive to go at first, but he made the whole experience not nearly as scary as I thought it would be! I have been feeling much better and support chiro health care 110% and would highly recommend coming here!"

- Krista J.

"We have been going to Dr. Joel for years. He has made a big difference in our overall health, and has done wonders to eliminate the neck and shoulder pain I suffer from. We highly recommend you give him a try, you will be glad you did!"

- Kelly & Gary

"I am also a new patient of Dr. Stevens and am very pleased with my treatment. I have always believed in chiropractic care as that is a science of caring for the whole body and Dr. Stevens also has that philosophy. Keep up the good work Doc and you also have a wonderful staff. That means you."

- Nancy & Shelly

"I’ve been going to Dr. Joel for years–I had some chronic pain that brought me in at first, I believe. Then I had a car accident and needed acute care multiple times/week. At times over the years when I haven’t needed acute care or care for chronic pain, I went for regular adjustments because I believe in the benefits of holistic health care–I felt so much better getting regular adjustments. Also, being at my computer regularly, I can just feel some relief from an adjustment–before getting adjustments, I didn’t even know that I NEEDED the adjustment/relief!

Now, though, I know I could be feeling so much more comfortable if I went in regularly. I’ve had care in other cities, from other practitioners and Chiro-Health is my favorite by far–the atmosphere is caring, warm–I love Nancy at the front desk! Fabulous! And Dr. Joel’s personable, caring personality make it a pleasant experience every time. He is extremely skilled at what he does. Chiro-Health is my all-time favorite place for chiropractic care! Thank you Chiro-Health!!"

- Alicia H.

"Ever since I started seeing Dr. Joel about 4/5 months ago, along with my two years old son who started seeing Dr. Joel about a month ago, we have been served with nothing but the best chiro care iv ever had, they go above and beyond there call of work to just normal chat to helping get my stroller up the stairs or talking to my son, they really take there time to learn about you along with doing there jobs, I recommend Dr. Joel to anyone who is looking for high quality one on one chiro, who actually cares about his patients."

- April & Malaqii

"I really like going to Dr. Joel. He has done so much for me since i have a bad back. I came in 2 weeks ago with severe pain in my lower back i couldn’t get up from a chair and, couldn’t hardly walk. After my visit with Dr. Joel he told on what to do when i got home to take care my back pain and, a couple days later i was feeling better. If anyone needs a chiropracter i recommend for you to see Dr. Joel he is the best. I would never go to another chiropractor but, Dr. Joel. Keep up the good work Dr. Joel. You deserve it."

- Lisa H.

"Can’t say enough great things about Dr. Joel Stevens. He helped me in so many ways. Dr. Joel Stevens care for you from the inside out! Saved me from unnecessary trips to other specialists. Learned tons about how our body functions and how to treat health issues the natural way!"

- Shirley

"Our family has been going to Dr. Joel for the last 18 years. We wouldn’t go to anyone else. He is not only a great Dr. but he is really there for his patients. He will go out of his way to help anyone and go that extra mile to make sure you receive the help you need. We highly recommend Dr. Joel Stevens!"

- Kari R.

"The reason i liked seeing Dr. Joel is because he cures me from my migraines headaches. I feel a lot better every time i leave his office. I will never go to another chiropractor but, Dr. Joel he is the best. I voted that Dr. Joel is #1 on my list for the best chiropractor in the city of Sheboygan. Nancy is so nice and friendly to talk to. I like to talk to Nancy a lot when i come to see Dr. Joel she makes my day. She is a good listener. I don’t know where i will be today if it wasn’t for Dr. Joel. Keep up the good work Dr. Joel you deserve it."

- Lisa H.

"I was introduced to Dr Joel thru my husband many years ago. Years later, my job required me to seek chiropractic help, so I called Dr Joel. He has kept me in good health since than and helped me thru many other health related issues as well. Kudos to my friend and chiropractor, Dr Joel (and his friendly and helpful staff!)"

- Susan

"Dr. Stevens was the only one who could help my back pain. He is personable and wonderful to work with. He is definitely a must."

- Rachel O.

"I have been seeing Dr. Stevens for a few years now! His adjustments are impactful. I’ve seen other chiropractors over the course of 20 years, and have never felt any noticeable relief. Dr. Stevens is able to release my neck and give me immediate relief after each visit. Thank you, Dr. Stevens!! You and your staff (Nancy and Shelly) are a pleasure!!"

- Julie L.

"I would like to tell anyone with any kind of back pain or back strain to go and see Dr. Stevens about it. He can help a lot. He is very friendly and it will make your back feel much better very soon!! Give him a try, it works for me."

- Harry K.

"Dr. Joel is a witch doctor he performs miracles beyond belief if he cant help you No one can. I was diagnosed with disc disease in 2006 had lots of therapy plenty of pain meds and many epidurals til 2011 I made an appt and am 80% better, after my visits I am 90% better. I no longer take pain meds nor have I had any more epidurals. Best part I work every day and can actually enjoy my life with out being doped up and I wont have to have surgery.
I feel like Ive won the lottery. Also if you need to be seen he will go out of his way to get you in now who else would do that? Plus they have reasonable rates so if you don’t have insurance like me you CAN afford to be seen, don’t take my word for it Make 1 appointment and see for your self."

- Donna A.

"As a new patient I find Dr. Stevens and his staff to be super friendly and very accommodating. A genuine concern for my health and wellness is greatly appreciated!"

- Starr G.

"I started going to Dr. Joel for my migraines. He has helped tremendously. He is really there for his patients and he will go out of his way to help you in any way he possibly can. I highly recommend Dr. Joel if you are looking for a chiropractor!"

- Brittany W.

"Awesome work! I went in because I keep hurting my right hip. I have gone to other chiropractors and still hadn't had this issue fixed. He showed me what was happening and a couple exercises to fix it. He also used a heat pad before he put my back into alignment so it didn't hurt at all."

- Earnie K.

"I can't believe how wonderful Dr. Joel is! I had been suffering from headaches for years, using medication to cover the pain. Dr. Joel has taken care of the reason for my headaches. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

- Chris


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